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The quaint and cozy room that follows is part of "Camp Moss Rock," designed in the 1930s by architect William Distin. Anchoring the room is a large rustic stone fireplace surround with a timber mantel shelf supported by wooden corbels.

Add the sense of timeless artistry to any Add the sense of timeless artistry to any wall in your home with the Builders Choice mantel collection. Whether you are creating a fireplace mantel piece or a perfect wall shelving addition the Victorian mantel design establishes a distinguished charm in any room.

The mantle, the firebox and every other area can become dingy and ugly over time. Most people think this is an impossible cleaning chore due to the dark black stains and the surface they are on, but as with any job, if you have the right tools, it is easy. Follow these easy steps to ensure you always have a clean fireplace. Fireplace Maintenance:

A fireplace mantel can be the perfect place to show off your personal style year round, but we know mantels really come alive during the holiday season! Mantels can be transformed each season with the right decor pieces. But Christmas mantels have a certain magic to them, and we love seeing fireplace mantels go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Moss Rock Fireplace is a special and significant center piece of a home. At times when the moss/lichen is not healthy and dull. We use hot water extraction and our hard surface tools.

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