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Building my Hobbit Dome: shotcrete

This video shows the basic survival properties of the dome structure. An advanced commercial version is called "Monolithic Dome" - Benefits: Survivability - Whether it's your home, your children

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The architectural design of the Dome Home might be the future of building codes in order to withstand hurricane force winds and intense storm surges. (from Discovery Channel's "Raging Planet")

Concrete dome homes - A concrete monolithic dome home can be everything you need and want in a home. It can be small or spacious, one-storied or multi-storied, and built in virtually any location.

A dome (from Latin: domus) is an architectural element that resembles the hollow upper half of a sphere.The precise definition has been a matter of controversy. There are also a wide variety of forms and specialized terms to describe them. A dome can rest upon a rotunda or drum, and can be supported by columns or piers that transition to the dome through squinches or pendentives.

The "Dome of a Home" featured on HGTV, Discovery Channel, etc is on the market. Currently still available as a rental. We drove by today and it had a real estate sign posted. The home has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, an in-ground pool and an elevator. Many of the roads were closed following the last