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As all the main ingredients (egg, cottage cheese, and oats) are hearty, these cottage cheese pancakes are filling and can also be served as a side at dinner. This is a true family friendly cottage cheese pancake recipe - healthy, delicious, easy to make, and versatile.

Oatmeal Cottage Cheese Pancakes Recipe cup cottage cheese. 1 . teaspoon vanilla. 4 . egg whites Advertisement. DIRECTIONS. Blend all ingredients in blender. Spray skillet with cooking spray and cook just like"silver dollar" pancakes, a few small ones at a time.

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I usually just make flourless pancakes with protein powder, banana and egg whites, but this summer I was going through old posts and found this one about protein pancakes.Reading it reminded me of Julie's banana bread protein pancakes and I decided to make a batch with chocolate chips, egg whites and Friendship cottage cheese (the only cottage cheese I buy).

Secret #3: Cottage Cheese Pancakes are bready, but they are surprisingly low in carbs! And what makes these pancakes low in carbs? Well, I use lots of eggs and cottage cheese. But I use very little flour. The eggs and cheese provide a light, fluffy, creamy-dreamy deliciousness that is utterly satisfying. To start, grab six eggs…